Mezzanine Debt

Prudential Finance will source your mezzanine debt at the highest LVR and lowest interest rate available at the time.

The benefits of mezzanine debt

The benefits of mezzanine finance provides more available financing options while reducing the amount of equity required for projects.

  • The property developer can access more debt therefore can keep more cash in reserve for other opportunities.
  • Enable projects to start construction earlier.
  • Potentially lower the level of pre-sales required before commencing construction.
  • Mezzanine debt is generally cheaper than equity.
  • Developer does not need an equity partner and can remain in control of the project.
  • Mezzanine is generally pure debt and the project is not overseen by the lender as long as the project is proceeding as planned.

Investor benefits

“There are considerable benefits for Investors seeking higher returns. Loan terms are a fixed term, generally between 12 months to 36 months and the loan is secured by real estate.”

For more information go to Mezzanine Financing

mezzanine debt

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Commercial Property Loan

A private and low doc commercial property loan will enable to borrow funds to secure a commercial property, where the Banks may not support you. Prudential Finance will source your finance at the highest LVR and lowest interest rate available at the time.

Private commercial property finance can be used to purchase a commercial property and refurbish and or lease up vacant space, then refinance when you comply with cheaper Bank Finance. Buy a commercial property to operate your business and upon proving serviceability of 12 months, refinance with a non-bank or Bank.

commercial property loan

For more information on your Commercial Property Loan got to our Commercial Property Finance page or call 1300 550 669.

commercial property loan

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Prudential Finance is seeking finance consultants Perth Western Australia to head up Prudential Finance’s new Perth office to service Western Australia.

This exciting role for experienced development finance, construction finance and private funding professionals to work within the Prudential Finance brand, established 18 years in Sydney.

finance consultants perth western australia

Providing unparalleled knowledge, support and marketing expertise to enable the successful applicants to penetrate and capture market share.

A generous fee based renumeration package will be offered to successful candidates, ensuring high achievers will prosper financially.

Call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669 and discuss this exciting new opportunity for finance consultants.

For more information about Prudential Finance go to About Us


Perth property leads the nation

After years in the doldrums, Perth’s property market has emerged as the nation’s strongest with two reports pegging the West Australian capital as the national leader in price growth.

In its Australia Real Estate Market Outlook Report, released yesterday, CBRE predicted Perth houses this year would increase in value between 9 per cent and 12 per cent, and unit prices would rise 5 to 7 per cent.

CBRE said Brisbane and Sydney house prices also would outperform, growing 7 to 10 per cent.

More moderate but still impressive growth is anticipated in Adelaide and Canberra, where house prices are forecast to grow 5 to 7 per cent. Melbourne is expected to have a more subdued recovery, with house prices rising by 3 to 5 per cent. House price rises will far outstrip those of units in all markets.

Read more AFR

Never a better time for finance consultants Perth Western Australia

Join Prudential Finance now and capitalise on private lending opportunities in the Perth real estate market.

Invest in Tech Startups

To invest in tech startups. As tech investors we are all looking to invest in round one of the next Facebook, although we need to understand that all investments are not going to be winners.

Invest in Tech Startups
Invest for High Returns

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Prudential Finance currently has Tech Startup Investment Opportunities from $500,000 to $10M.

Tech Startup investment is a speculative, that may yield extremely high returns or potentially lose your entire investment.

Investing in Tech Startups is a higher risk than say real estate or public listed shares although the rewards may be significantly higher.

invest in tech startups

A startup in comparison to a real estate investment, generally speaking your potential returns may possibly be greatly higher, as is your investment risk profile.

If your seeking a higher return on your money we have a current tech investment opportunity, call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669.

Finance & Investment Opportunities Post Covid-19

Finance & Investment Opportunities Post Covid-19

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a complete rethink of time tested investment strategies in relation to what is deemed a “safe” investment.

The pandemic could be a once in a lifetime event and we could all return to traditional investment strategies, but what if it’s not the last Worldwide pandemic event?

Whoever would have thought commercial & residential tenants would be allowed to have rent payments deferred by the decree of the Government!

Prudential Finance is assessing finance & investment opportunities post Covid-19 now.

finance & investment opportunities post covid19

For more information call 1300 550 669 or complete the inquiry form below.

Invest in Mortgages

Invest in Mortgages for quality investment returns through Prudential Finance.

Prudential Finance has a number of high quality loan applications requiring funds where you can invest in mortgages located in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and Perth.

If you would like to lend your money to our loan applicants for returns from 7% to 20% p.a., please go to our “Investors” page for more information.

invest in mortgages

Bad Credit Loans

If you have defaults and are unable to obtain finance from Banks or Building Societies, Prudential Finance may be able to lend to you with a bad credit loan.

This loan is classed as a “Private Loan” and we take interest upfront on loan settlement for the period of the loan term. This way you don’t make any payments until the end of the term.

We can even lend to your company if it is in Administration, Receivership or Liquidation!

If you can then show 12 months of paying your interest payments on time Prudential Finance may then be able to refinance you with the Banks.

Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Loans

For more information see our Impaired Credit Loans page.

Private Commercial Residential Loans

Private Commercial & Residential Loans are available with interest rates starting from 7.75% per annum.

Prudential Finance has Loans available from $500,000 to $20M

Private Commercial & Residential Loans
Private Commercial & Residential Loans

Interest rates start from 7.75% p.a.

Loan to value ratios

Commercial up to 65% of Valuation

Residential up to 70% of Valuation

Private loans are usually taken for up to 12 months to allow time to either sell or refinance the property with a Bank or Non-Bank.

Borrowers can have credit impairments such as, Defaults, Administration, Receivership, Liquidation or Bankruptcy.  All debts will need to be repaid on settlement of the Prudential Finance loan.

Fast Settlements Possible!

Contact Prudential Finance 1300 550 669 today for a chat about your Private finance requirements.

For more information go to our Private Loans page.

private commercial residential loans

Development Finance No Presales

Development Finance no presales are available from our private lenders now.

Prudential Finance can arrange development finance with no presale requirement before construction works commence.

Get your project moving without presales!

Interest Rates from 9% p.a.

Loan to value ratio 60% to 65% of valuation GST exclusive

Loan to cost ratio a of maximum 80% GST exclusive


We also are able to arrange presales through our Renounceable Sales Contracts. foe more information click Renounceable Sales Contracts.

Through Prudential Finance’s long established relationships with investors and lenders, we are able to offer reliable sources of private funds for construction loans on favourable terms.

development finance no presales

Call Prudential Finance 1300 550 669 for your construction funding with no presales.

the property developer's financier

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