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Short Term Property Loans

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Short Term Property Loans

Short Term Property Loans

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Short Term Property Loans

Prudential Finance private property loans are secured by first mortgage or second mortgage over real estate. This type of loan is also known as “Asset Lending” finance. Private property finance is for company borrowers who have reached their credit limit with the Banks and wish to continue purchasing property, or cannot demonstrate serviceability through traditional means for Banks.

An individual qualifies for a private property loan & investment property loan, if the property is classified a commercial property.

If you have more time to settle your loan, then see our page Private Property Loans, for a cheaper solution.


Private Property Loans are not covered by Consumer Credit and are to be used predominately for business purposes only.

If purchasing or refinancing a residential property a company will need to borrow the money.

If purchasing or refinancing a commercial property, an individual or a company may borrow the money.

A clean credit rating is always preferable, although if you have paid or unpaid defaults, we can still lend you money.

All unpaid accounts and defaults must be paid out on settlement of the loan.

We can assist if you are in bankruptcy, receivership or liquidation.

Borrowers who can not make monthly interest repayments, can borrow the interest upfront for the term of the loan.

The principal and interest are repaid on repayment of the loan, at the end of the loan term.