Property Joint Ventures

Prudential Finance may participate property joint ventures, as your partner.

Property joint ventures are available to clients who have quality projects that require funding over and above senior debt (1st mortgage) and junior debt (mezzanine, 2nd mortgage). This is known as equity funding and is generally provided by way of a joint venture agreement.

Property Investors are invited to participate in Prudential Finance property development projects.

Prudential Finance will partner your project through Prudential Finance’s lenders, high net worth individuals and wholesale investors.

If you have a property development project although do not have the experience and expertise to manage the project.  Prudential Finance’s experienced team will development manage your project for you.

The cost structure of the property development joint venture contribution will be made up of:

  1. Establishment fee
  2. Interest rate on funds advanced
  3. Profit share at the completion of the project

Funding will be secured by either 2nd mortgage, 3rd mortgage or by way of preferred equity.

Each Property Development Joint Venture proposal is assessed on individual project merits.

property joint ventures
partner your next property development with Prudential Finance

If you would like further information on Property Development Joint Ventures please contact us on 1300 550 669.

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