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Mezzanine Finance

Extraordinary debt & equity solutions for over 20 years.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine Finance

Our experience, expertise and unparalleled resources will give you the competitive edge.

Mezzanine Finance

Our experience over the past 20 years in property mezzanine finance and construction loan funding provides you with an edge in the market by achieving funding objectives, quickly and effectively. We will provide you with the best mezzanine finance interest rates and terms available at the time of applying.

A property developer’s ability to acquire new projects directly relates to the amount of equity/cash the developer is required to contribute to the project. Through prudent financial structuring Prudential Finance can maximise a developer’s debt gearing to free up capital for the next project.


Mezzanine Finance is used to top up funding for property development projects.

If constructing a residential property a company will need to borrow the money.

If constructing a commercial property, an individual or a company may borrow the money.

A clean credit rating is always preferable, although if you have paid or unpaid defaults, we can still lend you money.

All unpaid accounts and defaults must be paid out on settlement of the loan.

If you have a bad credit rating you may be charged a higher interest rate & fees, due to the increased risk rating.

Interest is capitalised due the term of the loan and therefore no repayments are required during the construction period.