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Prudential Finance Private Mortgages

Prudential Finance has provided extraordinary finance brokerage services, lending and equity investment for 20 years, lending property development finance, construction loans, commercial property finance, private property loans, mezzanine finance, property joint ventures, short term loans, preferred equity and recently tech startup funding.
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Property Development Finance

We have Mortgage Funds, Private Lenders and Investors who will lend construction finance without presales before commencement of construction.
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Direct investment into Property Development Projects, Tech or Property Investment through lending your money secured by 1st and/or 2nd Mortgages over Real Estate.
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Commercial Property Finance

Prudential Finance has long standing relationships with Banks, Financial Institutions, Building Societies, Non-Bank Lenders, Mortgage Funds, Private Lenders and High Net Worth Individuals for Commercial Property Loans.
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Private Property Loans

Prudential Finance is a private lender of Asset Lend Property loans.
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Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine finance for property development projects is advanced to a property developer to fund the gap between the first mortgagee’s facility limit and the property developer’s cash contribution to the project.
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Property Development Joint Ventures

Prudential Finance will participate as your property development partner by way of a Joint Venture.
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Short Term Loans

Short term property loans or bridging loans have a specific purpose to provide funds to settle an urgent loan where time is of the essence Fast Approvals & Settlements.
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Credit Impaired Loans

For company borrowers which have credit impairments such as defaults and judgments on their credit files and cannot demonstrate serviceability through traditional means.
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Renounceable Sale Contracts
Prudential Finance can arrange for developers a service whereby standby presales (put options) on new residential projects are arranged to a sufficient level to enable financing to take place (complying with Bank presale requirements).

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