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Invest in Tech Startups

To invest in tech startups. As tech investors we are all looking to invest in round one of the next Facebook, although we need to understand that all investments are not going to be winners.

Invest in Tech Startups
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Prudential Finance currently has Tech Startup Investment Opportunities from $500,000 to $10M.

Tech Startup investment is a speculative, that may yield extremely high returns or potentially lose your entire investment.

Investing in Tech Startups is a higher risk than say real estate or public listed shares although the rewards may be significantly higher.

invest in tech startups

A startup in comparison to a real estate investment, generally speaking your potential returns may possibly be greatly higher, as is your investment risk profile.

If your seeking a higher return on your money we have a current tech investment opportunity, call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669.

Property Investment – Chinese Visa Surge

Property Investment – Chinese Visa Surge


Rich foreigners with the equivalent of $405 million investment applications for visas were approved in April and May.

The “golden ticket” visas were issued to eighty-one successful applicants, the most issued since the program started in late 2012. Of those, eighty-five per cent were issued to Chinese nationals. So far, 255 visas have been issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection worth $1.28 billion sine the launch of the program.

To be eligible for the program, foreigners must invest a minimum of $5 million in government bonds, Australian proprietary companies or ASIC-regulated managed funds. The visa allows the receiver and their family to migrate to Australia and after four years they can apply for permanent residency.

Compared to other migrant visas the recipient has no age limit or standard English language proficiency requirements. Majority of the visas have been issued to people investing in NSW and Victoria schemes.

The NSW government’s Waratah Bond program is among those to have seen an uptick in investment. $1.5 million is the minimum investment over a four year, fixed rate with foreigners apply to be part of the program granted they have obtained a NSW government sponsorship.

Chief executive of ASX-listed Centuria’s, Jason Huljich says, “The vast majority of money is going into bonds. Investors want to put their money into something they believe will 100 per cent preserve their capital base. They don’t care that much about low returns”.

There has been a significant growth in interest in the visa program since the cancellation of long-running Canada’s immigrant investor program. It was cancelled in February with a waiting list of 59,000 people.

Michael Burstin of Oliver Hume Funds Management said “We now have over $30 million committed to our fund and expect a further $20 million once current visa applications are approved later this year.”

Bonds are considered an easy alternative for investors who are either unwilling or unable to identify worthwhile private funds to invest in.

Prudential Finance has many property investment opportunities and Tech Startup investment opportunities, go to our Investment page      https://www.pru.com.au/property-investment or call 1300 550 669.

BRW Rich 200 – Tech

BRW Rich 200 – Tech

Technology has become prominent as the new force for wealth creation in Australia. The BRW Young Rich List, filled with technology savvy entrepreneurs aged 40 and under are now becoming the new faces of BRW Rich 200 List, which requires a wealth of at least $250million. Matt Barrie (Freelancer), Ruslan Kogan (Kogan) and Owen Kerr all made their fortunes through technology, with Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar becoming billionaires.

Recently Freelancer.com chief executive Matt Barrie wrote to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, “We are at the start of the biggest technology boom in the history of mankind – Australia is completely missing the boat.”

Mr Barrie says Australia is the second most expensive country for start-ups because of high wages and rent. Entrepreneurs also argue the policies hold them back and there are concerns due to the decline of students studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with a fall of 60 per cent in enrolments in computer science over the past decade.

On top of this, the start-up community is frustrated the May budget did not fix the restrictions on employee share option schemes, which makes it twice as difficult for entrepreneurs to recruit for their companies, therefore many outsource to Asia or hire foreign staff on 457 visas.

Australian start-ups struggle to find local funding once they reach a certain size, with most of the big capital raisings in the technology sector coming from outside Australia. Mr Barrie described the venture capital sector as “stillborn”. There is a growing pool of money for early-stage companies with many successful entrepreneurs investing into start-ups such as Seek founders Andrew and Paul Bassat through Oxygen Ventures and Markus Kahlbetzer (son of BRW Rich List veteran John Kahlbetzer who set up Tank Stream Ventures.

A spokesman for Mr Turnbull said he had received Mr Barrie’s email and the government would release its innovation policy later this year.

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Development Finance Brett Collins

Brett’s 25 years experience in finance, property development and real estate investment, gives you the winning edge in funding you property development, think development finance & Brett Collins.

Development Finance
Prudential Finance

Brett Collins Director Prudential Finance, specialises in Venture Capital, Mezzanine Finance, Development Finance, Construction Finance, Senior Debt & Junior Debt and Joint Ventures.

Previous property developments completed include; Refurbishment of old blocks of apartments in Bondi, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill and converting to company title, Hotel conversion to Apartments in Darling Point, building luxury Town Homes in Rose Bay, building outstanding luxury apartments with Harbour views in Bellevue Hill.

Call Brett Collins on 1300 550 669 to discuss your funding or joint venture needs, or email CustomerService@pru.com.au

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