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Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Prudential Finance is seeking finance consultants Perth Western Australia to head up Prudential Finance’s new Perth office to service Western Australia.

This exciting role for experienced development finance, construction finance and private funding professionals to work within the Prudential Finance brand, established 15 years in Sydney.

finance consultants perth western australia

Providing unparalleled knowledge, support and marketing expertise to enable the successful applicants to penetrate and capture market share.

A generous fee based renumeration package will be offered to successful candidates, ensuring high achievers will prosper financially.

Call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669 and discuss this exciting new opportunity for finance consultants.

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Development Finance

Development Finance

Prudential Finance is Sydney based and services all areas of Australia. Prudential Finance has been procuring development finance for property developer clients for 15 years here in Australia.

Call 1300 550 669 now to discuss your development finance needs.

development finance
Sydney based at Aurora Place

Development finance from Banks is keenly priced at sub 6% for property developers with experience and good equity in projects.  Loan to cost ratios are around 70%. Banks have significantly pulled back lending due to heavier regulation and capital adequacy requirements, although we are finding Bank development finance approvals  are still occurring for high quality projects matched with experienced developers.

Mortgage Fund and Private Funds start at 9% p.a. and loan to value ratios are up to 70%.

Developers forced out of the Banking system due to harsher loan criteria are still getting their projects funded by mortgage funds and private lenders.

No Presales Construction Finance is available from 9.5% p.a.

We are experiencing a stable real estate market in Australia which is an ideal time for property developers to capitalise on the very low interest rates.  Finance commentators expect interest rates to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine finance is readily available for financially viable real estate projects.  Interest rates start from 15% p.a. to 20% p.a.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures are available for projects located in capital cities or fringe areas (not regional).  Terms are by negotiation.

Equity Investors

Prudential Finance is always happy to discuss upcoming projects with investors who would like to achieve a higher interest rate than currently available  from Banks or other institutions. Invest directly into property development projects for returns of 7% p.a. to 20% p.a.

See some of the projects financed by Prudential Finance https://youtu.be/rlLQFonmO6c

Call Prudential Finance 1300 550 669




Development Finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Development finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth now available from 9.5% p.a.

The Sydney Real Estate market is moving upwards with housing stock in limited supply and Property Developers hotly competing for Sydney development sites.

Prudential Finance actively assists property developers work there feasibility numbers up on development sites, establishing project profitability and bankability.

Call Prudential Finance today and give yourself the financing winning edge!

For more info go to our development finance page.

development finance sydney melbourne brisbane

Development Finance – Property Development

Development Finance – Property Development is readily available for Property Developers in NSW, Sydney, VIC, Melbourne, QLD Brisbane, Cairns.

The rising property market has given lenders renewed confidence in development finance.

Development Finance, Construction Finance interest rates start at sub 6% p.a. for established property developers.

Call Prudential Finance today to discuss your property development finance needs.

Development Finance

Development Finance

Development Finance, Property Development Finance, Mezzanine Funding and Joint Ventures criteria for approval are back to pre-GFC conditions.  In most cases Banks, Mortgage Funds, Private Lender and Investors lending, Loan to Value Ratios (LVR) and Loan to Cost Ratios (LCR) are back to normal industry standard levels.

development finance

Prudential Finance is is actively looking to establish long term relationships with developers for finance and joint ventures.

the property developer's financier

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