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Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Prudential Finance is seeking finance consultants Perth Western Australia to head up Prudential Finance’s new Perth office to service Western Australia.

This exciting role for experienced development finance, construction finance and private funding professionals to work within the Prudential Finance brand, established 15 years in Sydney.

finance consultants perth western australia

Providing unparalleled knowledge, support and marketing expertise to enable the successful applicants to penetrate and capture market share.

A generous fee based renumeration package will be offered to successful candidates, ensuring high achievers will prosper financially.

Call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669 and discuss this exciting new opportunity for finance consultants.

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Development Finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Development Finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane


Prudential Finance established 14 years has proven relationships with development finance lenders and investors who are interested in providing funds for property development finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane.

Development Finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane
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Private Lenders

Our private lenders/investors can lend up to $50M+ on senior debt (1st mortgage) and mezzanine (2nd mortgage) or preferred equity (Equity in development company). read more

Lending Oportunities

Prudential Finance is also seeking opportunities to directly invest or loan funds in quality projects.  If you have a development project or commercial real estate requiring funding call Prudential Finance.

Mezzanine Finance

Mezzanine finance is readily available for projects.  Interest rates from 17% p.a.  With Banks tightening their lending criteria and in general reducing loan to cost ratios (LCR) down to 70% or less has stressed the development finance market. read more

Investment Opportunities

Investors interested in participating in property development projects or lending money secured by mortgages over real estate are invited to discuss their investment requirements.  We have a number of property investment and lending opportunities coming up.

For for extraordinary property development finance Sydney Melbourne Brisbane call 1300 550 669

Development finance applications in Perth Western Australia, Adelaide South Australia, Darwin Northern Territory, Hobart Tasmania will also be accepted.

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures are available to clients who have a quality project that requires funding over and above senior debt (1st mortgage) and junior debt (mezzanine, 2nd mortgage). This is known as equity funding and is generally provided by way of a Joint Venture.

Prudential Finance will partner your project through Prudential Finance’s lenders,  high net worth individuals and wholesale investors.

The cost structure of the joint venture contribution will be made up of:

  1. Establishment fee
  2. Interest rate on funds advanced
  3. Profit share at the completion of the project

Funding will be secured by either 2nd mortgage, 3rd mortgage or by way of preferred equity.

Each Joint Venture proposal is assessed on individual project merits.

If you would like further information on Joint Ventures please contacts us.

property development property joint ventures

Prudential Finance is seeking Development Finance Property Ventures .

Prudential Finance was established 15 years ago with the Directors originating from Real Estate and Property Development in Sydney, which will provide you with a wealth of experience.

Prudential Finance is looking for property developers to partner with in Property Joint Ventures.

Minimum project size is $10M Gross Sales to no upper limit.

Call Prudential Finance today to discuss your project 1300 550 669

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