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Development Finance – Sydney

Prudential Finance has available development finance – Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

STEINERT TIPS GOLDEN DECADE FOR SYDNEY Stockland chief executive Mark Steinert has denied claims national house prices have peaked, arguing some cities are on the cusp of a “golden decade” of price growth.

Mr Steinert the chief executive of Australia’s largest residential developer believes there is an undersupply of housing in capital cities and anticipates a 4 to 5 per cent compounded growth in house prices for the predicted future due to this demand-supply fundamental. Housing supply will increase with major roads and infrastructure projects, in conjunction with accelerated land releases and planning changes in specific areas.

Morgan Stanley economist Malcolm Wood told investors in a note the current housing cycle was in danger of being held back, if interest rates weren’t cut again. “If you’re an investor, you’ve missed the boat,” Mr Wood said, with a potential oversupply of apartments decreasing their value in inner-city areas and house price growth slowing down.

However Mr Steinert remains positive, with factors such as improved business confidence, greater job security and including migration flow (Australia’s population increases by approximately 34,000 in a month from migrant) adding to the demand of dwellings. Stockland delivers around 5000 homes a year.

The property market in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane should show positive growth for the foreseeable future.   Property developers have a stable property and finance market to operate in at the moment.  Prudential Finance will provide property developers with competitive development finance, mezzanine finance and also joint venture select property development projects.

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Since the beginning of 2013 we have seen price gains of almost 50 per cent in some areas across Australia. Although the market is slowing, in-demand suburb prices will keep rising.

Amongst the biggest value shifts during this period are Sydney’s Waitara, North Sydney and Manly Vale, Melbourne’s Caulfield, Armadale and Camberwell. As well as Brisbane’s Hamilton and Healthwood.

Looking at the suburb-by-suburb price growth, gives us a good indication of the potential for future growth. RP Data research director Tim Lawless points out that areas filled with affordable family homes in suburbs dominated by owner-occupiers, are the sorts of areas with room to grow as they are high in demand.

He says there is still plenty of buyer enthusiasm as they sense with RP Data figures showing Sydney area Old Toongabbie in Parramatta, show homes are selling on average within 12 days of listing. In other Sydney areas, homes in Blacktown, Lane Cove and Willouhby are selling in less than 20 days with the median price between $600,000 and $900,000.

We take a look across Australia at each states Top 2 suburbs for both houses and units according to RP Data Research.


Suburb Median Price ($) Change (%) Suburb Median Price ($) Change (%)
Sydney House Waitara 973,595 47.1 Sydney Unit Waverley 675,512 41.3
North Sydney 1,502,392 42.3 Rushcutters Bay 545,999 39.6
Melbourne House Caulfield 1,257,034 47.8 Melbourne Unit Murrumbeena 483,741 41.0
Williams Landing 477,321 41.7 Mount Eliza 461,058 39.6
Brisbane House Hamilton 1,280,654 33.2 Brisbane Unit Kangaroo Point 507,404 15.4
Heathwood 541,051 27.9 Highgate Hill 483,255 13.9
Darwin House Ludmilla 722,000 20.9 Darwin Unit Fannie Bay 575,981 30.3
Parap 880,000 18.3 Nightcliff 433,599 27.5
Adelaide House Hectorville 460,319 18.7 Adelaide Unit North Adelaide 474,413 16.6
Toorak Gardens 1,305,946 18.2 Goodwood 353,014 13.9
Perth House Burns Beach 989,465 37.9 Perth Unit Mount Hawthorn 600,258 35.0
Jarrahdale 510,711 30.4 Burswood 652,508 34.9
Hobart House South Hobart 443,045 16.3 Hobart Unit Sandy Bay 375,307 14.7
North Hobart 419,179 12.5 Lenah Valley 283,306 13.7
Canberra House Bruce 851,825 18.3 Canberra Unit Mawson 432,119 23.5
Yarralumla 1,340,937 16.7 Garran 565,077 7.5

Property Investors, earn higher returns on your money by investing in development finance mortgages go to our Property Investment https://www.pru.com.au/property-investment page    with Prudential Finance call 1300 550 669 to discuss current opportunities.

Property Growth Sydney Melbourne

Property Growth

According to real estate specialists, property prices in Melbourne and Sydney’s middle class suburbs property growth is going gangbusters as the lower and top-end markets are in danger of being busted by prices too high or not high enough.

Traditionally going into winter buyers tend to hibernate but Auctions are still going hot with Melbourne’s south-east suburban maintaining clearance rates of 90 per cent and Melbourne overall having clearance rates 74 per cent compared to 68 per cent, 12 months ago. Also Sydney has increased from 75 per cent last year to 76 per cent.

“Prices growth has moved past income growth” Andrew Wilson, senior economist at Domain Group said and the rising property prices have impacted on those wanting to put a deposit on a house, one-third of renters claim they cannot afford mortgage repayments and half couldn’t afford the deposit.

How to apply for Development Finance

How to apply for Development Finance

To apply for full doc Property Development Finance you will need to provide the following information;

Development Loan Application Information

1. Personal
a) Date of Birth
b) Place of Birth
c) Drivers Licence copy
d) Passport copy (for non-residents)
e) Credit History – Veda Advantage Credit Report
f) Residential Address
g) Professional Experience – Resume
h) Assets & Liabilities Statement

2. Company
a) Name
b) ABN
c) Registered Office
d) Directors
e) Shareholders
f) Accountant
g) Solicitor
h) Last 2 years Tax Returns if applicable
i) Assets & Liabilities Statement

3. Project
a) Executive Summary
b) Feasibility Cashflow Budget (preferably by Excel Spreadsheet)
c) Project Application of Funds
d) Sponsor’s Development Experience
e) Development Approval
f) Full Set of Plans (PDF Original)
g) Consultant details;
(i) Architect
(ii) Quantity Surveyor
(iii) Construction Company
(iv) Development Manager
(v) Construction Contract Superintendent (if any)
(vi) Project Manager
(vii) Real Estate Agent
(viii) Solicitor
(ix) Accountant
h) Presales – Detailed list including Purchaser, Deposit, Lot & Price
i) Market Analysis
j) Valuation
k) Exit

Prudential Finance will advise you on how to apply for development finance, from due diligence and project profitability analysis before development site acquisition, procuring senior debt, mezzanine debt, joint ventures, & development management.

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Development Finance Brett Collins

Brett’s 25 years experience in finance, property development and real estate investment, gives you the winning edge in funding you property development, think development finance & Brett Collins.

Development Finance
Prudential Finance

Brett Collins Director Prudential Finance, specialises in Venture Capital, Mezzanine Finance, Development Finance, Construction Finance, Senior Debt & Junior Debt and Joint Ventures.

Previous property developments completed include; Refurbishment of old blocks of apartments in Bondi, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill and converting to company title, Hotel conversion to Apartments in Darling Point, building luxury Town Homes in Rose Bay, building outstanding luxury apartments with Harbour views in Bellevue Hill.

Call Brett Collins on 1300 550 669 to discuss your funding or joint venture needs, or email CustomerService@pru.com.au

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures

Development Finance Property Joint Ventures are available to clients who have a quality project that requires funding over and above senior debt (1st mortgage) and junior debt (mezzanine, 2nd mortgage). This is known as equity funding and is generally provided by way of a Joint Venture.

Prudential Finance will partner your project through Prudential Finance’s lenders,  high net worth individuals and wholesale investors.

The cost structure of the joint venture contribution will be made up of:

  1. Establishment fee
  2. Interest rate on funds advanced
  3. Profit share at the completion of the project

Funding will be secured by either 2nd mortgage, 3rd mortgage or by way of preferred equity.

Each Joint Venture proposal is assessed on individual project merits.

If you would like further information on Joint Ventures please contacts us.

property development property joint ventures

Prudential Finance is seeking Development Finance Property Ventures .

Prudential Finance was established 15 years ago with the Directors originating from Real Estate and Property Development in Sydney, which will provide you with a wealth of experience.

Prudential Finance is looking for property developers to partner with in Property Joint Ventures.

Minimum project size is $10M Gross Sales to no upper limit.

Call Prudential Finance today to discuss your project 1300 550 669

Joint Venture Partner with Prudential Finance

If you are looking for a Property Development Joint Venture Partner, Prudential Finance will arrange the development finance senior debt and participate in the project by providing equity.

The Directors of Prudential Finance have long term property development experience, ability to procure senior debt and contribute equity.

Call Prudential Finance today to discuss your property development and real estate joint venture needs 1300 550 669.

Project Viability Analysis

Project Viability Analysis

If you require assistance in evaluating whether a property development project is worth pursuing Prudential Finance will provide consultancy services to enable you to make an informed decision before exchanging contracts on a development site.

For Property Development Consultancy & Project Viability Analysis call Prudential Finance on 1300 550 669

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