Short Term Loans

Short term loans are used for a specific urgent purpose, to solve a short term problem. It is important to have a definite loan takeout strategy.

Short Term Finance from $100,000

Secured by Real Estate

Business Purposes Only

There are many scenarios where  short term finance will be useful:

  • To provide a short term loan to settle an urgent loan where time is of the essence, while you wait for a cheaper loan to be approved and settled.
  • Payout the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) with short term finance which will then allow you to refinance with a lower interest rate lender.
  • Use short term finance to payout aggressive creditors who are threatening to default you or place you in administration, receivership, liquidation or in bankruptcy.
  • If you are already in default, administration, receivership or liquidation we can payout the debt with a short term loan, with the view to refinancing with a private lender for a longer period while you repair your credit rating.
  • Other purposes.

Short term property loans are far more expensive than a traditional 1st mortgage finance due to the short time frame and inherit risk to the lender.

Short term finance interest rates can vary from 12% per annum to 3% per month, depending on the nature of the loan and risk to the lender.

All short term loans must be secured by real estate.

Loans must always have a clear exit strategy to payout the loan before the end of the short term property finance facility expires. If the short term loan is not paid out on time penalty interest will usually be incurred by the borrower.

Example: you may have a development finance or property loan application in with a Bank and it is going to take more time to settle with the Bank than first envisaged, although you will lose the property you are buying if you do not settle. This is when a short term property finance will solve the problem.

Business Loans – Unsecured

We have business loans available, which are unsecured business loans. These loans are assessed by providing your business bank statements; proving your business income and potential repayment capacity.

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