Investing with Prudential Finance will generally provide higher investment returns than Banks or Institutions.


“Rule No.1: never lose money.
Rule No.2: never forget Rule

Warren Buffett

Investing opportunities from 6% p.a. to 20% p.a.

Available to Sophisticated investors and Wholesale investors only.







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    Investing Direct into Property Development Projects

    Our CEO has developed many projects in the exclusive Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with an average return to investors of 20% p.a.

    An investor could expect a return of 15% p.a. to 20% p.a. investing equity into a project. Projects typically run for 24 to 36 months. Investment returns can be structured as a profit share or fixed interest rate.

    Investing by taking Preferred Equity

    You can invest in property projects for returns of up to 15% p.a. secured by preference shares in the development company. Projects typically run for 24 to 36 months.

    Lending funds secured by a Registered 2nd Mortgage

    Property Development Projects – This is called Mezzanine Finance and is where funds are lent to the development company up to 90% of the total project hard costs. Investment returns are usually set at between 12% to 15% p.a. and projects typically run for 24 to 36 months.

    Private Property Loan – This where the borrower may have a existing Bank loan on the property and requires additional funds on a short term basis, usually between 3 months to 12 months. The funds are secured by registered 2nd mortgage and lent up to 80% of the property valuation. Investment returns are usually set at between 14% to 16% p.a.

    Lending funds secured by Registered 1st Mortgage

    This is investing in private property loans. An investor could expect a fixed interest rate of between 5% p.a. to 7% p.a. paid monthly in arrears. Loans are made up to 70% of the property valuation and secured by registered 1st mortgage. Loan terms vary from 3 months to 24 months.

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    “Prudential Finance established 19 years in Sydney, does not provide financial product advice and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. Prudential Finance recommends that investors consider their own objectives, financial situation and needs before proceeding with any investment and seek professional advice. All information contained within this Website is specifically structured for corporate, business, commercial, wholesale and professional investors. Prudential Finance does not deal with retail investors under any circumstances.”

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