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Short Term Loans

Prudential Finance has investors and lenders who may provide short term loans from $100,000 to $50M for business purposes, secured by Australian Real Estate.

short term loans

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Short term loans should only be taken out when you have a clear exit strategy, so the interest payments do not dilute your equity in you property.

If you are in administration, receivership or liquidation we can still lend you funds subject to all debts being paid out by our funding facility within our loan to value ratios.

Our short term funding facility should be paid out quickly by sale or refinance of the property at lower long term interest rates.

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Short Term Funding – Property Loans

Prudential Finance short term funding – property loans, are classed as asset lend loans, where the real estate value is the key factor in raising the loan.

Short Term Funding - Property Loans
Short Term Funding no matter whether you’re in Administration, Receivership or Liquidation

Prudential Finance are Short Term Funding specialists for Property Loans.

No matter whether you have many credit defaults or are in Administration, Receivership or Liquidation.  Prudential Finance may be able to provide you with short term funding to payout all debts and enable you to refinance with another lender.


short term funding property loans





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