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Financial Advisor SMSF Finance Is Available

If you are a financial advisor SMSF finance is available now from Prudential Finance .  The Australian Financial Review today said: “Westpac has rocked the increasingly nervous property market by withdrawing new loan offers to self-managed superannuation funds looking to invest in property.  The bank, the nation’s second largest mortgage lender, and its subsidiaries, Bank of Melbourne, St George Bank and BankSA, will withdraw from lending to small super funds at the end of this month, following a review of funds’ prospects and its exposure.”

Call us today 1300 550 669 as Financial Advisor SMSF Finance Is Available Now!

Prudential Finance has investors and private lenders who will lend to SMSF and Companies for real estate purchases and refinances (subject to terms and conditions).


Interest rates start form 7.75% per annum to approved borrowers.

SMSF Finance Available

In the Australian Financial Review today, “Westpac has stopped lending to SMSFs wanting to buy property in response to growing credit and market risks, regulatory pressure and funding costs” and we are happy to confirm Prudential Finance has SMSF finance available through our investors and private lenders.

Self Managed Super Funds Funding

Call 1300 550 669 or complete to online form at the bottom of this page to discuss your SMSF funding requirements.

Prudential Finance has provided professional finance services for over 16 years and we look forward to hearing from you about your SMSF loan needs.

Once we have solved your SMSF funding, you may be interested in viewing our property investment video click here

Interest rates start from 7.75% per annum and we can lend up to 70% of the property valuation (terms & conditions apply).

SMSF finance available

Property Development Advisory Services

Prudential Finance’s Director Brett Collins heads our property development advisory services with 30 years of property development and finance experience.  Brett completed many successful property developments in the exclusive Eastern Suburbs of Sydney Australia.

property development advisory services

Diverse experience in property development; renovation of blocks of apartments, Hotel conversion to apartments, building brand new town homes and luxury apartments.

Expert in Company Title, Strata Title and Torrens Title property developments.

We can assist you from development site feasibility, raw site acquisition, finance, development application, approval, management, marketing advice, property development problem solving.

Personalised property development mentoring is available for people new to property development and wish to learn the profession of real estate development.

property development advisory services






See our Director speak about property investment click video

Call 1300 550 669 to discuss your property development project.

Short Term Loans

Prudential Finance has investors and lenders who may provide short term loans from $100,000 to $50M for business purposes, secured by Australian Real Estate.

short term loans

Call 1300 550 669 to discuss your funding needs.

Short term loans should only be taken out when you have a clear exit strategy, so the interest payments do not dilute your equity in you property.

If you are in administration, receivership or liquidation we can still lend you funds subject to all debts being paid out by our funding facility within our loan to value ratios.

Our short term funding facility should be paid out quickly by sale or refinance of the property at lower long term interest rates.

For more information go to our short term loans page


Property Development Finance Rates

Prudential Finance property development finance rates start from 9.5% per annum .  Loan amounts for construction loans are from $20M to $250M.  Establishment fee 1.5% per anum

Most private construction loans lenders are charging 12% per annum plus, then a 2% establishment fee for loans over $20M.

Property development finance rates for loans over $150M to $500M plus can start from 13% per annum to 15% per annum.

Sub $20M property development finance rates start from 9.5% per annum to 12.5% per annum. Establishment fees 2% of total loan amount.

More about development finance.

Property Development Finance Rates

Our experience in property development and development finance provides you with an edge in the market and we will endeavour to achieve the best property development finance rates for our clients.

Whether you are a conservative property developer seeking low interest rate finance from a Bank, Building Society or a developer seeking more flexible funding facilities from private lenders with no presales or mezzanine finance for higher gearing and less equity, Prudential Finance will provide a funding solution to cater for your requirements.

Property development joint ventures are available on a project by project basis.

Construction Loans

Prudential Finance has Mortgage Funds, Private Lenders & High Net Worth Individuals who will lend construction loans without the need for presales prior to commencement of construction.

We have very large investors that can provide 1st mortgages and 2nd mortgages up to $50M or more for projects that do not comply with normal Bank criteria or the loan amount is too large for a private lender or mortgage fund to finance.

A property developer’s ability to acquire new projects directly relates to the amount of equity/cash the developer is required to contribute to the project. read more

The talented Prudential Finance team headed by Brett Collins has unparalleled  depth of development and development finance experience, who can relate to the financial needs of property developers.

Partner your development finance and construction loans with Prudential Finance
Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane – Perth

property development finance rates

Call Prudential Finance today on 1300 550 669

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Finance Consultants Perth Western Australia

Prudential Finance is seeking finance consultants Perth Western Australia to head up Prudential Finance’s new Perth office to service Western Australia.

This exciting role for experienced development finance, construction finance and private funding professionals to work within the Prudential Finance brand, established 15 years in Sydney.

finance consultants perth western australia

Providing unparalleled knowledge, support and marketing expertise to enable the successful applicants to penetrate and capture market share.

A generous fee based renumeration package will be offered to successful candidates, ensuring high achievers will prosper financially.

Call Prudential Finance today 1300 550 669 and discuss this exciting new opportunity for finance consultants.

For more information about Prudential Finance go to About Us


Australian Real Estate Yields

Australian Real Estate Yields

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Australian Real Estate Yields

Australian Real Estate Yields

  • Sydney continues to perform in a balanced manner. Further supply expected for apartments. Overall rental market remains resilient with vacancy rates at the lows. Any pressure on growth or reduced demand for housing offset by further infrastructure investment scheduled.
  • Melbourne’s momentum is impressive. Population growth continues to drive new investment. 2017 House price growth surpassed Sydney. Similar to Sydney Vacancy rates continue to compress. Supply will continue to grow over first half of the year. Plenty of activity in Melbourne’s real estate market.
  • Brisbane market is operating with a stable tone. Similar with Sydney its expected to see a robust amount infrastructure investment that can offset any weakness in the housing market. Supply has been reduced as we have seen a vast amount of apartments built over last few years and the market is searching for the ideal supply/demand equilibrium point.

Australian Real Estate Yields

  • Sydney yields continue to tighten with supply remaining low. Strong rental growth is a trend that will continue. Overseas demand remains strong and its expected to gather pace this pace.
  • Melbourne forecasted rents are due to increase and remain well supported. Continued demand from domestic and overseas investors with supply unable to meet demand has seen further compression in yields.
  • Brisbane Vacancy rates are seen to increase modestly this year. Similar to Sydney and Melbourne prime office supply has been thin. Further overseas demand seen for high quality assets with strong tenants.

Australian Real Estate Yields

  • Sydney supply is low on a historical basis. There continues to be a need for larger size transactions. This creating an attraction for portfolio type opportunities. Infrastructure investment to drive higher valuations.
  • Melbourne’s industrial construction levels are at a healthy level. Robust tenant demand continues to drive growth. Similar need for larger size investment opportunities is desired from domestic and overseas investors.
  • Brisbane’s yield compression has been a common theme. Rental growth has been strong. Supply remains thin with similar demand from domestic and overseas investors.

Australian Real Estate Yields

  • Sydney CBD Rents are at shockingly high levels. Development will be robust over the coming years. Yields have been somewhat resilient. Further superannuation and pension fund interest expected.
  • Melbourne’s CBD rents seeing consistent growth with population boom being the driving force. Yields have been stable and expected to compress with investor demand for re-development to remain robust.
  • Brisbane CBD leasing market remains volatile. Overall turnover has been less frequent for areas outside CBD. Further development will be closely watched by the market while investors take a cautious stance.



“Prudential Finance recommends that investors consider their own objectives, financial situation and needs before proceeding with any investment and seek professional advice. All information contained within this Website is specifically structured for corporate, business, commercial, construction clients, wholesale and professional investors.”






Melbournes New Suburbs

Melbournes New Suburbs

100,000 lots created by end 2018 with view of creating new affordable housing which is desperately required.

Treasurer Tim Pallas said the release of housing lots would help “make housing more affordable”.

“This increase in supply is also a boost to the construction industry, creating jobs in the growth corridors, as well as in established suburbs,” he said.


New Suburbs:

  • North of Melbourne: Lindum Vale, Beveridge North West, Beveridge Central, Donnybrook and Woodstock, Wollert, Northern Quarries
  • North-west of Melbourne: Lancefield Rd Sunbury, Sunbury South
  • South-east of Melbourne: Minta Farm, Pakenham East, McPherson
  • West of Melbourne: Quandong, Tarneit Plains, Kororoit, Mt Atkinson, Plumpton

The required Construction of housing for new suburbs is a developer’s dream indeed but at a cost. Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) estimated to be $115m for just Donnybrook and Woodstock across Melbourne’s North.

Despite the forecasted lower growth expectation for Melbourne Property Market in 2018 we continue to see a strong amount of interest seeking debt and equity opportunities within the Melbourne real estate market.

For Prudential Finance Melbourne continues to be active region with at least one out of three funding enquires we receive will be for a Melbourne project. Current level of enquiries thus far this year from Melbourne Development companies is up over 75% vs previous year.










Development Application Changes NSW

Development Application Changes NSW

Some important changes that you should be up to speed across Staged and Concept Stage Development Applications. These changes detailed below has implications for any Developers and any related parties/Stakeholders of large scale projects who have pending, or proposed, applications for concept proposals in NSW.

development application changes nsw

Key changes

  • Staged Development Applications will be renamed Concept Development Applications, to better reflect what they contain in practice,
  • A Concept Development Application will be able to be followed by only ONE development application for the site, rather than the multiple applications currently required, and
  • A new provision (section 83B(5)) will make it clear that the impacts of carrying out the development may be considered when the concept proposals are being assessed, but must be considered where approval to carry out works is sought.

 Reasons for the changes

“The Government proposes to amend the legislation, so it is explicitly clear that staged development applications can include only a concept approval and a single subsequent detailed application. Construction impacts will be fully assessed before any work can start.

“This two-stage approach has become common practice in the development industry. The Government is simply making the legislation clearer to ensure the current pipeline of DAs worth $8 billion can proceed without delay.

“Staged DAs tend to be for larger, more complex projects. A concept approval makes it clear what the high-level planning limits are for a development, including its use, shape and scale, and height which provides certainty to developers, financial backers, stakeholders, and the community.

“Having multiple DAs when one would suffice would create time delays and additional costs to the applicant, with no commercial, technical or community benefit.”

What’s the impact of these changes?

The Decision will terminate single stage concept DAs, and will mean that all concept DA’s need more detailed assessment of Construction Impacts for all stages of the development proposal at the Front End. This could potentially add further costs and time to the concept DA process.

Further information can be obtained from NSW Planning and Environment website below and or speak with your Planning Lawyer.

James Okkerse


“Prudential Finance are intended to provide commentary and general information. They should not be relied upon as legal advice. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular transactions or on matters of interest arising from this communication. Persons listed may not be admitted in all States and Territories. Prudential Finance does not provide financial product advice and does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. Prudential Finance recommends that investors consider their own objectives, financial situation and needs before proceeding with any investment and seek professional advice. All information contained within this Website is specifically structured for corporate, business, commercial, construction clients, wholesale and professional investors.”






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