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Prudential Finance business loans are available now. Fast settlements and easy loan documentation. Subject to T&Cs.

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Cashflow is the the life blood of all businesses and it is important to pay business creditors on time to keep your business reputation and credit rating in good order.

Business loans can provide much needed funds to supplement your business cashflow to pay creditors or take advantage of business opportunities.

How do I qualify for business finance?

Your gross income for the past 12 months will be taken into consideration. The fastest way for a loan approval is to provide access to your bank account through a secure portal. If not you can provide bank statements.

Loans can be approved within a day and settlement is possible within a day!

T&Cs apply.

What is a good credit score to get business finance?

To get a business loan, it will be a combination of your credit score and your business turnover which will be the main factors for an approval.

How many years can you finance a business loan?

Generally unsecured business finance is taken over a short term to top up cashflow or take advantage of a business opportunity. Therefore loans are normally 6 months to 12 months in duration.

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